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Hawaii VA Loans & Buying Your Hawaii Home

You're here because you need more information on your Hawaii Military Relocation and starting the Hawaii Home Buying Process. You're possibly wanting to utilize your Hawaii VA Loan benefits too and have no idea where to start.  You've come to the right place.

  • Hawaii Military Relocation | YOUR Military Move to Hawaii PART I Loads of information on the bases around the island of Oahu (which is Honolulu County) and getting your pets ready, the diversity of Hawaii, living on an island paradise with little buildable land (therefore, smaller homes) and so forth.
  • Hawaii Honolulu Military Relocation -Part II of the Series on YOUR Military Move to Hawaii we discussed options on renting, buying or living on Base Housing and gave you a chart on Honolulu County 2010 BAH so you know what to expect for your Honolulu County Housing Allowance.
  • Hawaii Military Relocation| PART III on YOUR Military Move to Hawaii | Hawaii Home Buyers VA Loans  Your To Do List in getting ready for your Hawaii Home Buying Process is the next step in being proactive in your Hawaii Military Relocation. Starting your Hawaii VA Loan Process before you even arrive will make the process time shorter
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