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Concerns for Sellers in Hawaii's Current Market:

There are tips, tricks and top selling niches that the Hawaii Home Seller needs to be aware of to get the best representation and get their home SOLD!  It's not just about selling your home for market value or expecting that everyone else has the same sentiments that  you do with your home. It's about keeping an open mind for all sorts of concerns that need to be considered in the process of Selling Your Hawaii Home

  1. Square footage does matter! You may have an excellent condition home but 700 sq/ft interior and 2,500 on the land is small and should be priced accordingly. Listen to your Realtor® when they are presenting comps.
  2. The Year your home was built does matter!  The year of your home in Hawaii will make a difference. Some older homes are single wall construction, have aluminum wiring and plumbing and may need updating. Single wall construction may be harder to get homeowners insurance.

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