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What You DIDN'T Know About the Hawaiian Islands

Yes, Hawaii is a State that was admitted into the Union on August 21, 1959 and making it the 50th State. Now, for those that have never even stepped foot in Hawaii, let's clear up a few things.

First of all, it's widespread near and far that Hawaii is an island paradise. Right? Full of trade winds blowing through your hair and beautiful balmy sunny skies above. We have beautiful beaches and lush green valleys and wonderful hiking trails through our mountainous ridges. Oh, yes. Hawaii is all of that and then some.

We do not live in grass shacks and sip Mai Tai's with little umbrellas all day. Nor do the men run around in little cloths wrapped around their bottoms or women in grass skirts and topless. Yes, we carry a lot of tradition but we are also modernized ....just like you.

You are making your plans for your Relocation to Hawaii or even your vacation or honeymoon to Hawaii and you don't know where you want to stay. You haven't the foggiest idea that Hawaii is made up of small islands and that each island is a county.

By following the map below you can see the layout of the EIGHT HAWAIIAN ISLANDS and where they are located in conjunction to our island, Oahu.

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